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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question 1: How will my marks be calculated before the release of GATE 2022 answer keys?

Answer: The expert faculties of EXERGIC will solve the paper and will provide answer key and solutions and based on this a student's response sheet will be evaluated to generate score, rank, normalised marks. If you feel that there is any error in your GATE marks and score, you can contact EXERGIC support team at support@exergic.in
Question 2: For which engineering branch EXERGIC rank predictor is available?

Answer: EXERGIC GATE Rank Predictor is available for GATE Mechanical Engineering Question Paper
Question 3: How similar is the normalization process of EXEGIC GATE rank predictor as compared to GATE 2022 ?

Answer: EXERGIC Rank Predictor uses same normalisation formula as given by IIT in their information brochure with minor modifications for better accuracy in smaller sample space.
Question 4:Why I am getting different rank every time I predict my rank in rank predictor ?

Answer: The platform gives you a real-time analysis of your All India Rank (AIR) and GATE score which keeps getting updated as the number students using this predictor increase. So we advise students to check their ranks again after a certain time interval to know their current and updated rank.